Operation Policy



Concerning KakaoTalk messaging service provided by Kakao, KakaoTalk Operation Policy provides operational standards to ensure consistency in dealing with possible problems within the service and details that users need to keep in mind while using the service.

Scope of Application

KakaoTalk Operation Policy shall be applied to chat service areas and chat-related additional services (ex. Talk Profile, Talk Board, Open Chat Cover, Open Chat Board, Open Profile/Posts, Channel Comment, etc). Other service areas and any content unprescribed in KakaoTalk Operation Policy shall be subject to Kakao Terms and Conditions and Kakao Operation Policy

Operational Principles

KakaoTalk operates the service in accordance with fundamental principles as follows:

  • First, privacy is the priority for all messages sent to/from users.KakaoTalk provides relevant functions to report chat messages from non-friends not to invade privacy of its users in Regular Chats, Group Chats and Secret Chats. Also, Kakao judges whether its operation policy is violated based on the reported messages and takes necessary measures if required to protect its users or services, such as limiting service usage and the like.

  • Second, Kakao applies more stringent standards for services that are accessible to any KakaoTalk users.For service areas that KakaoTalk users can view or engage in, such as Open Chat and Talk Channel, Kakao will apply more stringent operation principles to Regular Chats, Group Chats, and Secret Chats to prevent anyone from distributing illegal information and protect its users. However, even if the service areas are open to any KakaoTalk users, Kakao will judge whether a message or post violates the operation policy only when reported pursuant to the top principle of protecting user privacy.

  • Third, usage restrictions are applied in phases to the minimum range of service.Kakao has made it a rule to apply usage restrictions step-by-step depending on the reasons and number of violations, only for the service area where the violation occurred. However, Kakao can permanently ban the entire KakaoTalk service for clearly illegal acts such as child/juvenile/adult sex crimes, online financial frauds, and illicit distributions of lewd/gambling information, as well as malicious usage threatening stability and reliability of the KakaoTalk service.

  • Fourth, operation policy mirrors the voice of users.KakaoTalk continues to hear your voice and strives to improve its operation policy so that user safety measures and user rights do not conflict. KakaoTalk is always listening to your voice to protect its users and ensure their privacy and freedom of expression whenever it is necessary to improve its policies. Any modification hereof shall be notified no less than seven (7) days before its existence.

Operational Standards

Operating standards set out the details of activities and information you should be aware of when using the service and tell you what restrictions may apply if you do any things.

We recommend you read operating standards carefully before using the service so that every KakaoTalk user can enjoy a safe and pleasant service. Also, please report any breach of our policy or information or damage caused by other users to the Kakao team promptly via the Report function.

For detailed criteria, please refer to each item page. Kakao may take countermeasures if any act, even though not listed as sub-heading and content thereafter in the operational standards, is judged to threaten user safety and violate terms of service and operation policy while being perceived as offensive or sensitive content.

User safety

KakaoTalk is committed to creating environments where people can safely use the service and exerts every effort to protect children and adolescents from harmful Internet conditions. "User Safety" explains what acts and information is not acceptable since they may threaten the safety of KakaoTalk users.

Objectionable or sensitive information

KakaoTalk is committed to protecting the fre#heading=h.1rvwp1qedom of expression of its users for a more flexible and versatile connection. KakaoTalk is a service where people with different perspectives and of all ages, including children and teenagers, can freely engage in, and, therefore, it takes active efforts from every user to ensure respect and care for each other and protect children and juveniles. "Objectionable or Sensitive Information" explains what content is harmful to children and adolescents or not acceptable because it may cause sexual shame, discomfort, or disgust to others.

Content related illegal or restricted products and services

It is not permitted to consult, promote, advertise, or trade via KakaoTalk any product and service violating relevant laws and regulations, infringing the rights of others, prohibited from selling online, or not available for sale to adolescents. Please read carefully about the "Content related illegal or restricted products and services" to ensure that you have no disadvantages while using KakaoTalk.

Ensure stability and reliability

KakaoTalk is committed to providing stable and reliable service to its users. Therefore, any acts that may compromise the reliability of the KakaoTalk service or affect its stable operation, such as transmitting illegal advertising information (Spam) via KakaoTalk or using the service in a manner not allowed by KakaoTalk without the explicit prior consent of the relevant user. Please read carefully about the prohibited acts stipulated in "Securing Stability and Reliability" since you may be restricted from using the entire KakaoTalk service for any act of harming the stability and reliability of KakaoTalk.

Protect user rights

Kakao Talk is committed to preventing users from distributing information that infringes on the rights of others, such as invasion of privacy or defamation. Users shall do no deed or post no information that may infringe other users’ rights in the public areas, such as invasion of privacy, defamation, or infringement of copyright, etc. Any information reported pursuant to the procedures for Rights Infringement Notice may be restricted from appearing.

Service Restrictions

Kakao believes you are in violation of terms of use and operation policy, you may be restricted from using the service. For more information, please refer to Service Restrictions.