Service Restrictions

Service Restrictions

If your activity violates Kakao Operation Policy; if the number of reports is cumulative within the Service; and/or if Kakao determines that you take advantage of the Service in a way interfering with regular service operation or causing damage to others, the KakaoTalk service may be temporarily or permanently restricted as follows.

Restriction of Search/Impression

You may be excluded from the list of Recommended Friends, or chatrooms and the KakaoTalk ID you created may not be exposed in the search results. Also, your KakaoTalk profile picture may be displayed differently from what you set, such as the default image, and the cover page of Boards and Open Chat may be restricted.

Restricted Messaging/Posting

Sending messages or posting/commenting may be restricted in regular or particular chatrooms.

Restriction of Chatroom Use

All or part of chatroom functions may be restricted, such as Create Chatroom, Invite, Join Chatroom. Also, if the owner or any participant of a chatroom violates KakaoTalk Operation Policy, he/she may be prohibited from joining the chatroom, and sending/receiving messages, and uploading a new post/comment in the chatroom.

Restriction of KakaoTalk Service Use

You may be restricted from using all or part of the KakaoTalk service, including its execution.
In this case, you may be prohibited from using other services associated with KakaoTalk.

Such restrictions shall be temporary or permanent depending on how cumulative or intensive the relevant violation is. Also, if the provision of a healthy service environment is adversely affected, Kakao may restrict service usage in ways not explicitly listed in the above items under Terms of Service, Kakao Operation Policy, and KakaoTalk Operation Policy. In particular, for an open chat room, please be aware that Kakao may place restrictions on the open chat room when judging that there is a series of events subject to regulation, such as individual breaches by a participant.

Besides, Kakao may take measures to protect its users, such as preventing or restricting specific usage environments/patterns where a user may log in abnormally or violate terms and conditions so that users can enjoy a safe KakaoTalk experience.

You can file an appeal through Kakao Customer Center at any time for usage restriction and user protection measures.

Any content not specified herein as Service Restrictions shall comply with KakaoTalk Operation Policy