KakaoTalk is committed to bringing together free communication
and digital safety among its users, based on the following operating philosophy:

  • KakaoTalk supports free connections and communication between its users.

    KakaoTalk wants to make a world where everyone gets closer by connecting people to people and people to the globe. KakaoTalk allows everyone to communicate freely. We want a service that is respectful of different perspectives and beliefs and helps people express themselves freely.

  • KakaoTalk intends to make the service accessible to everyone.

    The opportunity to connect and communicate freely through KakaoTalk is equal to everyone. Once connected online, you can use KakaoTalk for free anywhere in the world. KakaoTalk also introduces a variety of business models, including advertising to provide free chat services.

  • KakaoTalk is committed to protecting the privacy of its users.

    Messages exchanged between users in KakaoTalk are protected under the freedom of privacy and freedom of communication set forth in the Constitution of the Republic of Korea, and KakaoTalk does not display messages and content exchanged between users to protect its users’ privacy.
    KakaoTalk Service Policy was established and has been operating to protect user privacy and personal information. The policy has continued to evolve from the planning phase into a method that minimizes an unexpected infringement of user privacy.

  • KakaoTalk strives to grow into a reliable platform that everyone can trust.

    KakaoTalk is committed to protecting its users and creating a healthy Internet ecosystem. Users who threaten others and impede free communication are inevitably restricted from using the service based on KakaoTalk Operation Policy.
    However, KakaoTalk tries not to encroach on privacy even when taking safety measures. Even if a user reports damage, it exerts every effort to prevent a conflict between user safety measures and privacy protection measures by checking only a limited range of messages for processing the report.


KakaoTalk Safety Guide provides guidance on various tools and guidelines to help users set up a safe service environment for themselves and contains the value of the service and the details of operation policy users need to follow.

Everyone who uses KakaoTalk is encouraged to read this KakaoTalk Safety Guide.