Tools & Guidelines

Manage Your Account Thoughtfully

Manage Your Account Thoughtfully

Prohibit sharing account information with others

The number of cases where users are required to provide their Kakao Account information for feigning an event prize, service agent, or a request from an acquaintance and then exploiting their information for publicity spamming has increased.

Your Kakao Account password and KakaoTalk verification code will not be required anywhere else.  Under no circumstances should you not share your account information with third parties. Also, please report it immediately if you receive a message requesting your account information.

The Kakao Account information that you need to secure is as follows: 

- E-mail, phone number, and password for your Kakao Account

- SMS verification code for identification when signing up for KakaoTalk

- 4-digit security verification code for a sub-device version such as PC or Mac (when the Kakao certificate is not issued)