KakaoTalk Safety

Chapter 1.
KakaoTalk Safety Campaign

The latest is
the safest
01Update your KakaoTalk
to the latest version
and enjoy safe chatting
every day
Every time
you update it,
you can protect
precious daily life
by making your app
more secure
The official version is
recommended lest major
security issues arise
from using abnormally
created or distributed
KakaoTalk appslatestversion
02Keep your certificate
up-to-date while
your KakaoTalk
to the latest version
Authentication will
get more secure
김라연 카카오 인증서 목록, 유효기간 2024.01.12
구 카카오 인증서
Muzi 카카오 인증서
Apeach 카카오 인증서
Ryan 카카오 인증서
Choonsik 카카오 인증서
Jordy 카카오 인증서
  • * The newer Kakao Certificate
    can be issued
    on the mobile KakaoTalk app
    ver. 9.8.5 or higher.
The latest KakaoTalk
Certificate was
well-received by the
government due to
its enhanced security
You can prevent others
from falsely assuming
'your name'by adding
Mobile Phone &
Account Verification
Kakao Certificate will
also keep your login
KakaoTalk from
devices secure
Stay secure
with a safe KakaoTalk
usage habit!
KakaoTalk gets safer every daySafety campaign Ch.2 Coming soon!