Operation Policy

Ensure Stability and Reliability

Transmit advertising information for commercial purposes

KakaoTalk gives priority to service operations centered on free connection and communication between users but strongly counteracts an illegal transmission of commercial advertising information via KakaoTalk.

Anyone who wants to send commercial advertising information via electronic transmission medium shall obtain explicit prior consent from a recipient and abide by relevant laws and regulations, such as marking the information as a commercial advertisement and ensuring that the recipient can easily withdraw the prior consent.

KakaoTalk thereby provides various services such as KakaoTalk Channel, KakaoTalk Biz Message, and the like to help its users or corporate users transmit commercial advertising information pursuant to relevant laws and regulations.

Kakao may restrict the reported user from accessing all or part of the KakaoTalk services if it identifies, via the Roport function, any of the following attempts that exploit weak points of the KakaoTalk system without explicit consent from users. In particular, if any such commercial information is intended for illegal activities such as illegal porn or gambling sites, please note that the relevant user may be immediately and permanently restricted from using the entire KakaoTalk service functions.

  • Any act of transmitting commercial advertising information
  • Any act of continuously inviting the relevant user to a group chat room to send advertising information or communicate commercial content, such as promotion or enticement of a visit
  • Any act of repeatedly transmitting the same or similar messages after being invited to multiple group chats created for spreading advertising information or commercial content, including promotion or enticement of a visit
  • Any act of registering or sending commercial content, including advertisement, promotion, and enticement of a visit to other user’s board or space or clicking ‘Like’ or ‘Add Friend’

In addition, accessing or using an open chat room or open profile where any of the following cases occurs may be prohibited, and the owner of the relevant open chat room may also be restricted from using the open chat service.

  • If the owner of an open chat room or the admins thereof transmit commercial information via text message using their or other user’s account or post them onto another user’s board or space
  • If the company has received requests from multiple users and institutions to act upon an illegal messaging of advertising information
  • If the service of transmitting advertising information is provided via KakaoTalk
  • If an open chat room or open profile sells or promotes illegal programs for transmitting advertising information via KakaoTalk
  • If an open chat room or open profile recruits people or seeks a job to provide service of transmitting advertising information via KakaoTalk