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Protect yourself by proving that you are not the abuser

Protect yourself by proving that you are not the abuser

Relax user protection measures through Talk Safety Pass

User protection measures are automatically activated when the anti-abusing system detects abnormal service use environment or patterns. While most KakaoTalk services can be used normally when user protection measures are in place, users may be restricted from using some features.
KakaoTalk offers the Talk Safety Pass feature in order to alleviate any inconveniences users experience while user protection measures are in effect. The Talk Safety Pass allows users who signed up for Kakao Certificate using a South Korean mobile phone number to temporarily relax or remove user protection measures by completing user identification with a Kakao Certificate.
The Talk Safety Pass can help relax user protection measures and, if the service is used normally, greatly reduce the length of any imposed user protection measures. Talk Safety Pass can also reduce the risk of additional user protection measures from taking into effect, allowing users to use services more safely.

Kakao strictly prohibits any transactions or attempts to transact personal information, which includes, but is not limited to, mobile phone verification details and account verification details for certificate issuance. It is important to note that, should such infractions be substantiated, Kakao reserves the right to impose limitations on the full range of KakaoTalk services for the reported user as a measure to protect other users.