Operation Policy

User Safety

Violation of privacy protection

“Personal information” refers to any information that helps identify a particular person, such as name, resident registration number, or video, and that can be easily combined with other information to identify a particular person.

Kakao considers personal information protection its primary responsibility, and, therefore, does neither allow any activity to distribute or post other's personal information via KakaoTalk nor to collect, steal and transact it in violation of relevant laws and regulations such as the PERSONAL INFORMATION PROTECTION ACT and the INFORMATION COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK ACT.

If other users posted defamatory articles that spread false stories or rumors or photos/videos and personal information without the owner's content on areas that other users can see, such as a bulletin board, please learn more about the Rights Infringement Notice.

Also, if any infringement as exemplified below is identified, please file a report on the relevant message and information. Kakao may restrict the reported user from using certain functions in the KakaoTalk service to protect its users if it identifies any violation via relevant messages and information. In addition, Kakao may also take a series of applicable measures to control damage to users, such as restricting search results on Open Chat Home, access or use of open chat rooms or open profiles, or visibility of posts, if Kakao identifies the relevant information in a service area that any KakaoTalk user can view or engage in.

  • Disseminate or post personal information such as name, phone number, address of others in the areas that other users can see
  • Trade or attempt to trade other’s personal information
  • Impersonate others or companies to request for or collect personal information
  • Collect personal information without consent to its collection and use
  • Lure users to external sites for the purpose of stealing personal information
  • Encourage to install or transmit malicious files, apps, etc. for the purpose of stealing personal information
  • Threaten to disseminate/post private or personal information
  • Extract a KakaoTalk user’s authentic key using abnormal clients, apps or programs and provide information therefrom to third parties without Kakao’s explicit consent
  • Take advantage of illegally collected personal information, such as appropriating, stealing, or trading other’s personal information and creating accounts and IDs