Operation Policy

User Safety

Suicide and self-injury

Kakao does not allow users to distribute any information related to suicide or self-injury to protect the precious lives of KakaoTalk users and create a culture of reverence for life.

If you are suffering from melancholia or depression, we ask you to stop suffering alone and receive help from suicide prevention agencies to save your precious life.

Protect a user at risk of suicide

Kakao cooperates with emergency services specified in the ACT ON THE PREVENTION OF SUICIDE AND THE CREATION OF A CULTURE OF RESPECT FOR LIFE to protect its users’ life and body if receiving a request to provide information on any of the following users who is at risk of committing suicide from the aforementioned services. If you find any user who is exposed to or is at risk of suicide while using the KakaoTalk services, please submit the report to emergency services such as the police or fire service after reporting the case quickly via the Report function in the service to safeguard a precious life.

  • A user who expresses a suicide intent or plan
  • A user who recruits suicide partners
  • A user who is determined to commit suicide by purchasing goods (charcoal briquette, pesticides, herbicides, insecticide, etc.) or expressing their intention to purchase them

Dissemination of suicide-inducing information

“Suicide-inducing information” refers to the information used to encourage or assist suicide actively. For the safety of its users, Kakao may take a series of applicable measures, such as restrictions on search results in Open Chat Home, access to and/or usage of open chat rooms or open profiles, display of posts, etc., if it detects suicide-inducing information through user reports in its service areas where any KakaoTalk users can watch or join.

  • Information on recruiting suicide partners
  • Information on how to commit suicide
  • Documents, photos, and videos containing the content of committing or inducing suicide
  • Information on the sale or use of suicide instruments
  • Other information equivalent to the above and intending to cause suicide

Restrictions in Open Chats

Users can share and discuss their experiences or opinions about mental health issues, including depression, via KakaoTalk open chats However, it is not acceptable to share information that may instigate suicide or self-injury or aid a suicide attempt. An open chat room or open profile falling under any of the following cases shall be prohibited from appearing as a search result on Open Chat Home, and users are restricted from accessing or using the relevant open chat room to prevent further discussions or executions.

  • An open chat room for recruiting suicide or self-injury partners
  • An open chat room sharing method for suicide or self-injury
  • An open chat room sharing photos and videos where a suicide or self-injury attempt is performed or encouraged
  • An open chat room sharing information about selling or using suicide apparatus
  • An open chat room encouraging or glorifying eating disorders (including anorexia, bulimia, etc.)
  • An open chat room aiming for other suicide or joint suicide, aiding suicide or self-injury, or sharing information that may entice or cause any such things