Operation Policy

Ensure Stability and Reliability

Steal, trade, transfer, exchange accounts, etc.

To ensure a safe use of account and to protect privacy, KakaoTalk provides necessary tools and technical safeguards and does not allow anyone to step over the mark and take advantage of KakaoTalk without proper permission.

Kakao may permanently restrict relevant users from using the entire KakaoTalk services to protect other users as soon as it confirms any of the following acts through user reports, such as deceiving or attempting to deceive others into acquiring or stealing their Kakao account information (email, password, verification code, etc.)

  • Transmit an event page that force users to enter other users' Kakao Account information
  • Ask for another user's Kakao Account information by impersonating identity, falsifying authentication methods, etc.
  • Impersonate the Kakao Admin or Kakao Customer Center and ask for information about another user's Kakao account
  • Suggest others to trade, transfer, or exchange their KakaoTalk accounts
  • Request for renting another user's KakaoTalk account
  • Force or threaten others to provide their KakaoTalk account information and authentication identity
  • Request for other's Kakao Account information and purchase, transfer or exchange it for acquiring another user's account or arranging any such acts for others

Not to speak of the acts mentioned above for acquiring another person’s account, Kakao does not allow its users to sell, transfer, rent, permit or attempt to permit others to use their Kakao accounts. When confirming the relevant act through other user’s reports, Kakao may restrict the reported person from using the KakaoTalk or Open Chat service and accessing or using the relevant open chatroom.