Operation Policy

Ensure Stability and Reliability

A large number of reports accumulated

KakaoTalk imposes service restrictions on users who have been repeatedly reported by other users in order to create enjoyable service environments.

Any user reported by multiple users may be restricted from using certain KakaoTalk services, such as temporarily limited transmission of messages or access to the Open Chat service.

Any user who was repeatedly reported by others and, therefore, restricted from using the service can file a complaint thereon to Kakao Customer Service at any time. However, please be aware that those who were reported for any of the following reasons may not be restricted from using the service.

  • If multiple users from regular chat rooms submit a report about your message
  • If you transmit or post content that violates the terms and conditions or operation policy
  • If you repeatedly transmit or post the same or meaningless content to hinder conversations or service usage of others