Detection & Reporting

Service Restrictions
by reporting

You can report a message and/or content judged to be a violation according to KakaoTalk
Operation Policy via the Report function within the KakaoTalk services.

You can report any content available to anyone other than yourself, including messages from other people who are not your friends in a regular chatroom, messages from participants in an open chat room, user profiles, and posts.
Experienced operators will review and determine whether a message or content reported violates KakaoTalk Operation Policy, and Service Restrictions will be applied thereby.
The service may also be subject to restrictions, with many report cases filed by multiple users.
However, even those who reported the damage can check only their messages and contents filed via the Report function for processing of the reported case, and KakaoTalk exerts every effort to minimize privacy infringement while dealing with the reported case.
Users can file an appeal against Service Restrictions via Kakao Customer Service at any time, and operators will review the case and decide whether to lift the Service Restrictions.
KakaoTalk exerts its utmost efforts to take fair and prompt measures on the reported case.