Operation Policy

Protect User Rights

Protect User Rights

Protect User Rights

Kakao operates the Center for Infringement Report to protect rights of KakaoTalk users and right holders.

The KakaoTalk users shall not disseminate any information that may infringe on rights of others while using the Service, and those whose privacy and reputation were victimized by any information provided from any of the following KakaoTalk services can make a request for deleting or blocking access to the relevant information by giving evidence of the reason.

  • KakaoTalk Profile
  • Talk Board (posts and comments) in a group chat room of Regular Chat
  • Announcement/schedule/voting board in a group chat room of Open Chat
  • Open Chat Room Information (Cover)
  • Open Profile and Open Profile Posts

If a person who suffered violation of rights for the following reasons has submitted a request for deleting/blocking relevant information pursuant to the procedures of infringement report, Kakao may take necessary measures, such as blocking access to the information, or restrict access to relevant open chat rooms. In addition, if it is deemed necessary to protect other users' rights, Kakao may temporarily restrict the reported user from using the KakaoTalk or Open Chat service.

  • Any content that may distribute personal information and/or violate one's privacy and freedom
  • Any content that posts photos and videos of others without proper authority and violates the moral rights of the relevant people
  • Any information that publicly insults others for the purpose of slander or reveals facts or false stories to damage a person's reputation
  • Any violation of patent, trademark, design right, copyright, and other intellectual property rights, such as using, executing, or transferring another person's trademark or work without proper authority
  • Any violations of rights of others without proper authority

Users who have been blocked by the above procedure can make a request for re-posting in accordance with the infringement report procedures. For more information, please refer to the Rights Infringement Notice.