Operation Policy

Objectionable or Sensitive Information

Hate speech

KakaoTalk is committed to protecting the freedom of expression of its users for a more flexible and versatile connection. In the meantime, Kakao also recognizes protecting the human rights of its users as primary duty and responsibility. Kakao has established the Kakao’s Principles to Counter Online Hate Speech and applied them to look out for statements abusing freedom of expression and threatening the safety of others and root out online hate speeches.

Kakao defines extreme verbal violence on a particular group based on biased perceptions as ‘hate speech.’ It is not permissible to damage human dignity, incite violence, or promote discrimination or prejudice by questioning any of the following aspects.

  • Place of Origin (country, region , etc.)
  • Race
  • Appearance
  • Disability or Illness
  • Socio-economic situation (Occupation, Status, etc.)
  • Religion
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Sexual Identity
  • Sexual preference and other identity-related factors

If Kakao identifies from Report the distribution of hate speech in a service area that any KakaoTalk user can view or engage in, it may take a series of applicable measures, such as limiting search results in Open Chat Home, access to and/or usage of open chat rooms or open profiles, visibility of posts, as well as restricting the relevant user from using part of the KakaoTalk services depending on the level of expressions, content, subject, and overall context of the information.