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Be on Alert for Phishing

Be on Alert for Phishing

Beware of impersonating your friend

KakaoTalk introduced helpful functions, such as ‘Globe Signal’ and ‘Talk Siren’, to control user damage from phishing crimes by impersonated acquaintances. These functions display an alert pop-up when a non-friend attempts to enter a chat room for conversations and emphasizes a precaution against money requests on the top of the chat room after he/she enters the chat room.

If the other party talking to you is a subscriber of the national (Korean) telephony, an orange profile image will be shown as a precaution to help users recognize the possibility of impersonation. If the person is a subscriber of the foreign (other than Korea) telephony, an orange globe-like profile image and the country information of the phone number to which the person is subscribed will be displayed. 

KakaoTalk continues to apply damage control techniques as the messenger phishing that impersonates acquaintances evolves into various forms. We recommend you read and understand the relevant content. 

If an unknown person attempts phishing by impersonating your acquaintance, please click the Report button at the top of the relevant chat room.