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Be on Alert for Phishing

Be on Alert for Phishing

Classify non-certified KakaoTalk Business Channels

A KakaoTalk Channel is being validated through the business certification process (requiring submission of business license and review thereof) if officially operated by a business operator. If the validation is completed, the Business Channel Badge saying ‘Information-verified Channel’ will be displayed on the right side of ‘Channel Home > Channel Name.’ Any Channel that has not been validated will not be granted the relevant badge, and an alert message will be shown on the top of the relevant chat room if you attempt to chat one-on-one with the Channel. The aforementioned alert message is provided as a device to help prevent user damage by impersonating/pseudo-Channels (ex. Phishing). If the Channel switches to a Business Channel or does not utilize 1:1 chats, it will disappear from a chat room. If a Channel that has not received business certification asks for your personal information or KakaoTalk account information, please report the Channel immediately.


These days, various message phishing scams take place, and the number of cases of stealing personal information by impersonating police agencies is increasing. Thus, Kakao is working with the Pan-Government Task Force Against Voice Phishing and issues Channel Badges to all channels operated by the National Police Agency. If you receive suspicious messages, please make sure to check their Business Channel Badges. If you have any doubts, press the report button at the top of a chat room.

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