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Manage KakaoTalk Friends

Manage KakaoTalk Friends

Delete a person who is already on your Friends list

If you delete a person who has been already registered as my KakaoTalk friend, he/she will not appear on the Friends list, and you can report the person’s message, Profile, and the like in a regular chat room. 

Deleting a friend is only possible on the Hidden Friends list, so please hide a person you want to delete first and then delete him/her.

Touch and hold the Profile or a person you want to block from your Friend list or swipe to the left to edit the relevant friend (on iOS). 

If you select [Hide], the other party will disappear from your Friends list. To delete the person, go to ‘Settings (the gear icon) on the top right of the Friends list screen > Manage Friends > Manage Hidden Friends’ and select the [Manage] button on the left side of the relevant person’s Profile and then click the [Delete] button. 

However, you can still receive a message even from the deleted friend and continue sending and receiving messages in a chat room created before you deleted the friend as long as he/she engages in it. 

If you no longer want to receive messages, block them.